Korite Thalia

# KR401G

Korite Thalia

# KR401G

Attain a look of splendor. This intricate Korite Ammolite ring highlights a meticulously crafted Elements motif that captures Ammolite's abundant color spectrum, boosted in elegance by a sleek domed design. The tapered gold plated sterling silver band invites a comfortable fit while the power of Ammolite boosts your chi to enhance your vigor for prosperity and well-being.


Product Details



Name Thalia
Stock Number KR401G
Department Fashion
Type Ring
Material Sterling Silver

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W. Smith & Co. Fine Jewellers Korite

Korite Ammolite is an exclusive gemstone, extremely rare and extraordinarily precious. Speckled in an array of vivid hues, our genuine Ammolite gemstone jewellery is a work of art meant to be worn.