Korite Elenor

# SE3016WF

Korite Elenor

# SE3016WF

Poised prominently at the center of a lustrous teardrop contour in openwork fashion, a striking Ammolite gemstone sways in masterful design, reflective of the light in a captivating faceted motif. The fine sterling silver setting preludes the pairing of tantalizing Ammolite. A highly rare and precious stone, Ammolite harnesses revitalizing properties in a chi enhancing effect. This enchanting stimuli lends an extraordinary confidence boost in its purity of color as well as organic heritage.


Product Details



Name Elenor
Stock Number SE3016WF
Department Fashion
Type Earrings
Materials Sapphire, Sterling Silver
Width 14.60 mm

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W. Smith & Co. Fine Jewellers Korite

Korite Ammolite is an exclusive gemstone, extremely rare and extraordinarily precious. Speckled in an array of vivid hues, our genuine Ammolite gemstone jewellery is a work of art meant to be worn.