Watchstraps developed and manufactured by HIRSCH are some of the finest and most detailed hand crafted watch attachments in the world. The aim of their developmental activity is to ensure longevity, comfort in wear and aesthetic appeal in all situations from the most formal to the sportiest. Hirsch's generations of knowledge and their asthetic feeling for watch "bracelets" enables them to support, as a professional partner, the overseas developmental activities of the watch manufacturing industry and specialty watch retailers. HIRSCH embodies a bracelet "culture" that is carefully safeguarded and passed on from generation to generation. HIRSCH's technical innovations range from the invention of "remborde" technology (a seamless bond between the upper material and the lining of the strap) to the development of a special "recipe" for creating water-resistant leather as well as the development of a process to prevent leather allergies on sensitive skin. From their very beginnings, innovation was driven by the effort to ensure longevity, provide wearer comfort and maintain aesthetics whenever a watch is being worn. HIRSCH's family-run company remains true to its traditions and concentrates exclusively on the working of leather and similar materials into high-quality bracelets for watches. HIRSCH will continue into the future with this tradition...committing itself to the ongoing development of watch bracelets utilizing the highest technology in design and presentation.